We know that considering purchasing and wearing a Ledge cap may generate several questions. Below are some of the more common enquiries.  

We’re not naive. Companies can’t wave a magic wand and be considered luxury. But the goal with Ledge is to be perceived as a luxury cap brand because of our focus on five Fs (from, form, fit, feel and fashion), and more importantly, our relentless focus on quality and customer service over margins and revenues. 

Before we answer that, here’s a picture:

And here’s another one:

Ledge caps are unisex. They’re designed to fit most head sizes and sensibilities. It was important to us that they be popular with, and intended to be worn by, everyone. 

Taking proper care of your cap and providing it with regular love will help keep it looking fresh. You can view our care tips here: Care.

Ledge caps are made with a 100% heavyweight twill cotton that’s typically used for bottomweight clothing (aka pants). As a result, the shape and fit maintain longer than the flimsy, shrunk caps that gather dust in your closet. 

Ledge caps are designed to handle most rain conditions, so wear them comfortably. That said, does that mean stand outside in a torrential downpour for an hour? No, but don’t worry about a light rain.  

Ledge caps use a heavyweight cotton and firm structure designed to have heft. That means that caps worn securely should not be suscpetible to winds. But, of course, exercise judgment: no hurricanes. 

While the authenticity of a Ledge cap can only be determined by examination from Ledge personnel, you can avoid the risk by purchasing directly from our website or from an authorized stockist (list here). 

Our caps are shipped to protect their structural integrity and minimize risk of theft. They are packed in a striking, magnetic, white box, which can be utilized moving forward for cap travel. That white box is packed in a non-descript brown box.

The “Made in Italy” approach of Ledge caps distinguishes us from most of our competition. By combining generational know-how, a flawless handmade production, high-quality heavyweight fabrics and a relentless attention to detail, Ledge is able to create a unique product that lasts. In fact, Ledge caps are more reasonably priced than “Made in Italy” caps by general fashion houses, a by-product of our operational and financial rigor, and singular focus on baseball caps.