There’s been plenty written about the harms of fast fashion. 85% of textiles end up in the trash bin, according to Ledge is the opposite; we build caps that last. That’s not just part of our sustainable fashion journey; that’s part of our ethical commitment to the societies in which we operate. 

To that end, we have taken numerous actions to foster sustainability within the broader fashion ecosystem. 

Critical Fabrics

Ledge uses one textile mill to reduce environmental impacts and maintain quality. This mill is committed to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, which tests for harmful substances. Ledge also re-uses fabrics for different styles, such as the Umbra and Legend (black/gold). Ledge does not, and will never, use Polyester, a synthetic fiber derived from nonrenewable resources. For 2025, Ledge has exciting new fabrics in the pipeline that will further promote our sustainability mission.

Limited Waste


Fast Fashion is a scourge on our environment through waste and unsustainable materials. 85% of textiles go to dumps every year per Ledge firmly believes in the alternative – small batch production of caps that last. One of the easiest ways to be sustainable is through reducing consumption. Ledge’s high quality, volume approach clears that benchmark.  

Transparent Supply


Ledge actively shares information about our supply chain with our customers. For instance, the precise region our caps are manufactured at, and the location of our only textile mill (United Kingdom) Ledge also utilizes a just-in-time approach to supply, as part of our policy to not discard or deadstock fabric.

Ethical Labour


Ledge manufactures our caps in a family-owned factory in rural Piemonte that provides living wages and safe working conditions to employees, many of whom have worked there for decades. We regularly visit and tour the facility to confirm these practices are firmly in place (and of course to spend time with our wonderful partners).

Supporting local


Ledge is extremely proud to manufacture our caps in a small town in northwest Piemonte. By doing so, we help to support a generational family business, and by extension, an area we are passionate about. Our goal is to be a small part of helping this village – which we love – to be prosperous and sustainable into the future.