The story of LEDGE is linked to that of its founder, a Canadian-born, New York City resident, zealous about collecting, wearing and preserving baseball caps since childhood. The holes in his parents’ drywall from hanging them all is the proof. 

Despite a 15-year professional detour into the world of finance and accounting, he always maintained a connection to his collection and kept his eyes on the world of headwear.


Over that period, caps, like sneakers, have progressed from niche accessory to required fashion hallmark across the spectrum. From offices to parties to dinners and everything in between. 

And yet, very few companies are dedicated exclusively to making only high-quality, premium baseball caps. 

So in 2022, the founder left the corporate world (and rat race) to start LEDGE HEADWEAR out of his New York City home with an ambitious goal to develop the finest baseball cap brand in the world. 


From the start, LEDGE was committed to an ethos of No Compromises on the quality of the product. That commitment led to dozens of development partnerships across multiple continents, while LEDGE continued to be designed and based from TriBeCa in lower Manhattan. 

In the fall of 2023, the dream took a massive step forward when the founder partnered with a historic, renowned and family-owned factory in Piemonte, Italy to produce Ledge caps at scale. 

In all, the development process took 15 months and 32 different sample iterations. 


The first Ledge product line is handmade in Italy from the highest quality fabrics and designed to maintain its structure over time. The result is a visually stunning baseball cap, with an optimal fit for heads of nearly all shapes and sizes. 

Each piece in the Ledge cap collection embodies generations of genuine experience and is designed to help its wearer find their own style – regardless if it’s reserved or bold. 

COMMITMENT to quality and rigor

The vision of LEDGE is based on a consistently impeccable product. By applying rigor from the founder’s operational and financial background to every step of the process, we’re hoping that Ledge caps are distinct from other products and remarkably consistent with each other. This pursuit also creates an environment where premium caps can be produced in Italy at uncommonly fair prices. 

What makes Ledge caps special?

Both our more creative “Bold” and understated  “Reserved” categories have caps that match various wardrobes, sensibilities and situations.

What makes Ledge caps special?

Ledge caps use the highest quality cotton twill made by a manufacturer with 150 years of experience. The heavyweight twill allows Ledge caps to be both durable and soft. 

What makes Ledge caps special?

The heavyweight cotton twill is paired with an industry-leading sweatband and premium one-size fits-most backing to accommodate and comfort heads of all sizes. 

What makes Ledge caps special?

Shape maintains through time and the elements.

What makes Ledge caps special?

Handmade in a multi-generational, family-owned Italian factory

The result?

Caps that fit and look like a million bucks, regardless of the design.

Something for parties at night and boardrooms the morning after.

LEDGE caps adjust over time, so wear yours early, wear it often, and wear it well.